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I'm back here with another Nvidia 1050Ti powered laptop this one's got 4 gigabytes of double data rate 5 Ram justlike the MSI GL 62 M that I reviewed however it doesn't have the same CPU sothis configuration which is the lenovo legion R720 has an i5 7,300 HQ sothat doesn't have hyper threading unlike these 7700 HQ that's an i7 branded onethat one's a little bit faster for 3d performance but the cpu is perfectlyfine for gaming as you'll find out later on in my gaming tests here so it has 8gigabytes of RAM the original configuration but just using one sodiumslot out of the 2 I've added another 8 gigabytes of RAM here for my review justso it's on the same playing field and level ground as my review with the MSIGL62 M so this one here instead of just having a 1 terabyte drive like that modelI reviewed this also has an SSD which was one of the benefits it's got a fastPCIe 4 lane SSD in here it's the samsung PM 9 6 one and that's paired up withthat slower spindle drive for your storage so you can put files on that youdon't get a lot of free space on that fast drive but boot times are excellentit's under 10 seconds and it gets into Windows desktop really really blazingfaster which is good now the boot of the laptop is allplastic and you can see it's got those red accents so you know straight away ohyeah it's a gaming laptop since they all tend to look the same so the lid of ithas a little bit of flex but it's not bad it does show fingerprints but thebuild quality overall I do like now along the back here you will see that wedo have some exit vents and the cooling on the system is excellent didn't runinto any thermal throttling or any problemsunlike the MSI that I reviewed which did that one ran into thermal throttling gotup to 89 degrees this model here Billy goes over 70 so straight away cooling isexcellent on this which it should be in a gaming laptop now opening up the lidhere the hinge is rather stuff and this is the furthest itwill go back so not an amazing angle I'll give you some more details on thismap code at 1080p IPS panel in just a minute you'll see up the top here thoughwe do have a 720p webcam with dual array microphones I'll give you a sample ofthat later on in the video the bezel around the outside is ratherthick as you can see it's not super thin or modern-looking but at least it ismatte so we don't have any problems with reflections on the screen now it doeshave this rubber around the edges which is a nice little touch that's going tostop it from scratching up the palm rest which is made out of plastic to thispalm rest now my biggest complaint when this laptop has to be the touchpadit's an eland one it does have a lens just two controls and things like thatbut it's rather poor I don't like it it's quite leggy it's got your buttonsthere which to me feeling a little bit are they just you know they're notamazing to use and the main thing with the touchpad is it's a little bit uhknackery at the slow minor or little finer movements when you do do those ifyou're doing like any editing work or using Photoshop for example it's just areal pain and being a gaming laptop I feel that most people would be using amouse so it's not a deal-breaker but if you happen to have no mouse and justusing that touchpad it will frustrate you now there is an a solution on theInternet and that is to install there's like a hack to install over those elanddrivers windows precision drivers to really improve that touchpad now I triedto do this on my unit without any success unfortunate just could not getthem to install or run now the good news is is the keyboard is quite nice we geta numerical keyboard as well to the side of it there and the travel is 1.

3millimeters they have a really nice feel to them this keyboard feels to type onalmost identical to the SteelSeries keyboards you often see on MSI's gaminglaptops it's backlit so we've got two levels either low brightness or the highbrightness there you can see and it's not a bad keyboard it's definitely atypical Lenovo keyboard keyboard which is excellent so great to type on that isa huge positive there I do like now you see above the keyboard we dohave what looks like some girls here for an intake of insulation this is in factfrontwards outwards fire of firing speakers so these speakers they alsohave Dolby audio tweaks to them so it's really just basically in an equaliserhere so you can tweak the sound output so for ports now on the left hand sidewe've got a Kensington block there which is good to have so you can lock thisdown if you needed to to a table that you'll work or whatever and then we'vegot what looks like a USB port on here type a port but note this is not this isin fact the charging plug here so it's very sturdy in fact I do like this moveeven though they could have in fact made it maybe a USB port it's a lot betterthan the typical barrel charger you see the DC end that's that's very strongthis port here and you get a status LED we've got a Gigabit Ethernet port therea full-sized USB which is just USB 3 and then we have stereo headphones out withmic support and then a reset button there which is good to see we don'tnormally have this on most laptops on the right-hand side so we've got 2 fullsize USB 3 ports again an SD card reader now this SD card reader is not that fastat all really it maxes out about 24 minutes per second reads and writes andthen we have HDMI out now this is only 30 Hertz 4k maximum that it supports usnot HDMI to which would have been nice to have on here and then we do have atype C port so this type C port does not support display out it is only USB 3data so in the Box you get an instruction leaflet menu and whatnot nowthat's all in Chinese because this is an inputted version here which worked outto be a lot cheaper than buying locally the power brick now this is rated 220volts six point seven five amps so this is what it's going to happen if youfirst powered on and it does not have English already installed from say theseller that you're buying this off you're going to have to go through thisChinese process then and as I mentioned at the start is probably best just toupgrade this to Windows 10 Pro and that keeps the drivers intact and therecovery partition intact and you can get CD keys off eBay for literally onlyabout five bucks or so taking a look at now at the softwarethat you get with uh Cicotte know Nova's nerve cents which is probably the onlything you really want to keep on here because it does allow you to do thisextreme cooling so this allows you to basically put the fans on a maximum soit's very similar to MSI's call the booster for that they use on the gr 62 mthat i reviewed has something very similar so you turning that on and thefans will get rather loud then but of course it will give you maximum coolingperformance taking a look now at the performance of the screen so it's a 15.

6inch 1080p IPS matte-coated panel from LG i will quickly show you the hardwareID of this and you'll see that this screen isn't actually really that goodfor professionals at all with the kind of results I got from the gamut tests Idid on the color reproduction so the monitor is an LG D 0 v 9 0 it's used inother gaming laptops and it's rather low-end budget so maximum brightnesscomes out at 280 Lux which is good and on the lowest sitting it doesn't evenregister one Lux it's very dark so that's the positives of this screen herebut looking in close to detail at some of that calibration so if we have a lookhere you can see that the srgb results of my testing here with my spider v was65% so that is very poor for srgb coverage and then only 49% of Adobe RGBso for professionals if you wanted to use this for video editing color editingand things like that you need to have correct color for photos and things likethat not recommended at all a budget gaming laptop is not we would normallystart anyway looking for an accurate 1080p screen but for gaming I find thisscreen is fine and general use moving on now to some synthetic benchmarks this isGeekbench for their these cpu scores the OpenCL score here so almost a hundredthousand there from the nvidia 1050 TI and iso ran 3d marks fire strike 1.

1 sothey got a score of seven thousand and 54and skyed over 1.

0 18,000 228 was the score there so these are kind of on parwith other 1050 TI cards pass mark reading of 4461 and then the wirelessperformance so I've got a bit of a complaint here with the wireless thateven connected up to my home network with a FTP server download over veryfast wireless AC router I could not get any more than about 200 megabits persecond same goes for the apartment here as well with just testing out the speedshere of my fiber line that I'm not able to get the full 300 megabits per secondthe closest was this right here so about a hundred and seventy download and aboutclose to 200 upload only so something's up with that I tried different driversno luck could be their antenna configuration it could be just my unithere also around Cinebench r15 so this score here are from the CPU the 453 CBis a lot lower than the hyper-threaded i7 7700 HQ now that one could get about720 so big difference there now the thermals wanted to cover thisnow they are really really good after two hours of gaming continuously the CPUhits 73 degrees only so this is really good it's a very good cooling on thisLenovo have done their job with this particular gaming laptop and only 70degrees on the GPU max again after 2 hours so really excellent performancethey're very happy with that here's the heaven benchmark here so Ididn't overclock on this one and I managed to get a gain of 11.

4%overclocking the GPU and here is the stock score so the stock score is 1700and 4 so you gain about 5 frames per second also more actually it's more thanthat around about 8 frames per second average with the complete defaultsetting gear on the heaven benchmark so the CPU can multitaskreally well I won't give you example that but just to say that you can run alot of things at the same time so I even have a dope Photoshop opened at the sametime just doing a video edit and streaming now 4k so it can keep up with4k if you're gonna be using other streaming services like Amazon Primethis laptop is going to run it perfectly fine as long of course you have the fastenough internet connection that can maintain the kind of transfer rates youneed for 4k streaming so you can see here with these stats enabled it's onlydropped 13 frames here out of 3,000 now which is when I actually went from thesmaller window to large full screens when it dropped a few frames there butoverall very good performance when it comes to streaming 4k it will play 4k aTV C code it files just fine vp9 files to perfectly fine with no issuesnow it's quite capable the CPU to edit 4k video on running here a Doge PremierePro it's the latest version latest update and the timeline that is allreally quite fast that's pretty much real time there which is great so I'llsee how long it takes to encode and export a one-minute clip here so I'll beusing the YouTube preset here for 4k versus h.

264 codec and as soon as I hitexport I'm gonna go over now and start that timer I missed a few seconds onthat now on the other models that I've tested out for example the msi gaminglaptop the GL 62m that did this export in around three minutes and nine secondsor so so it's interesting to see if without the hyper threading and asimilar clock speed if it's gonna be slower or not okay so it's just about tofinish up I won't a hit pause here until that meter disappears but it's lookinglike there we go it's more or less about the same speed in fact probably a littlebit faster which surprises me only by about 10 seconds or so as I pointed onthe start of this review we've got this front-facing speakers that well theyshould have shoot outwards in upwards towards you and that is accompanied withDolby audio software it's basically just an equaliser I'll give you a sample ofthem on 100% volume now the most interesting part of thereview is gaming performance of course and I'm going to focus more on thisbecause this is after all a gaming laptop so we have an Nvidia 1050 Ti withfour gigabytes of RAM on here it's Samsung Ram now the maximum overclocksare managed to get on the memory is 800 more or less before it would end upcrashing and causing a blue screen of deathnow on the MSI GL 62 M that I reviewed with the same exact GPU and ram spec andeven Samsung Ram I managed to get a thousand so this is going to vary fromunit to unit I've added a hundred megahertz to the core clock now why I'mdoing this is because it adds about ten percent performance and there are notrade-offs there's no instability with my currentover clocks at the moment isn't that artifacts or anything so that's why I'mdoing it so let's have a look at gaming performance now keep an eye on thethermals the frame rate which will be shown all about information on the lefthand corner I'm going to start out here with Grand Theft Auto 5 so here we are with high settings andwe're getting a decent framerate here of around 85 frames per second I have seenit as high as 100 but you know there is quite a few cars here on screen there'sa bit to render down to 70 now that overall really good considering thatthis is not medium settings high the 1080p idea is doing a reasonably goodjob there was just one starter there that dipped down to 50 but overall youcan see this it's fluid and really quite playable here so no problems with a 1050Ti here handling a older game now GTA 5 but still a very good title this one ifyou've never played it before you're missing out so let's move on now to thenext game next up I have for tonight battle royalefrom Epic Games a mana test at 1080p epic setting the preset and we'll seehow that one runs so here we go so it's rendering the viewdistance has really quite good and still over sixty frames per secondI've lost the people that were in my squad I don't know where they've gone sohead down towards some buildings okay it's getting down to 50 frames persecond so I think high will be a lot better and now running the high presetyou can see we're getting a much better frame rate it's hovering around 70 to 80frames per second so this is much more desirable much more fluid and Irecommend running this game on high this title here now is probably the mostdemanding out of all the games are going to be testing it has Kingdom Comedeliverance and you can see that it's scraping about 40 frames per second andthis is on the medium preset here so you wouldn't want to go any higher than thisand you might actually be better off playing this one on low now this gameyou could say is quite poorly optimized as well so it's not the best but it isvery demanding and even on my 1080 TI I still can't really run maximum settingsand get over 60 frames per second all the time with this one at least on theresolution that I run which is much higher than the 1080 P here so if I dostart a quick little fight or just one of the guards here anyone really andyou'll see that the frame rate is going to take even a bit more of a hit hereit's dropping down now to about 35 and you can see it was quite a few stuttersjust then or that arrow hitting the GAR but this this happens really on any 1050Ti it's gonna be about the same so when is lots going on right right now quite abit of the NPC's around and a lot to render yeah at least it's keeping over30 frames per second honestly I didn't expect it to be able to do 30 frames persecond on medium this isn't bad you just need to tweak the settings and andperhaps even run low as I suggested for this title here so this next total here is project carson high settings and it's getting over 60 frames per second so that's not toobad we'll just pull over my gris-gris green anything close to 60s go this Tiffanyvery playable on high and a racing game doesn't matter as much as say afirst-person shooter that frame right there and it does a lot as you can seevisually really the next Tata I'm checking out as TheWitcher 3 now this is a demanding game it's on 1080p and I'll set it to thehigh settings and you'll see that it's actually doing all right with thiscurrent setting here was hovering around 60 frames per second which is not bad atall considering the hardware so I think you can get away with running it on highand if you aren't worried about that framerate like for example right then itdipped down to 49 frames per second then of course lower that down to medium butgreat to see the game running 1080p with these kind of frame rates so thermals are the area where thislaptop is really good and really excels here I'll show you that the palm restand above the keyboard here it does stay relatively cool only 33 degrees 36 isreally the maximum you're going to see the palm rest is only about 24 degreesso remains cool to the touch around the touchpad as well about 23 degrees nowI'll give you a sample of the fan noise this is gaming 100% and it's gonna belike this continuous and this will give you an idea of what to expect but for agaming laptop it's actually quite good and not too bad the kind of fan noise wehave now if you wanted to run a Linux on this I've got some good news here thatit runs Linux perfectly fine the touchpad is working the screenbrightness control the audio controls Bluetooth wireless everything so far inmy testing seems to work with the latest Linux Manjaro build now taking a look atthe front-facing webcam so it does tend to shake around a little bit this tableisn't a hunter since dirty and if you start typing you can hear a bit of thenoise from the keyboard we've got jewel ray microphones thereand the resolution it shoots at is 720p 30 frames per second and overall I feelfor this kind of budget gaming laptop that the quality of the webcams alrightit's not amazing if you want better quality then use of course an externalfull HD Logitech webcam or something similar ok guys so to quickly recap herethe build quality is really quite decent yes it's all made out of plastic and wedo have the red accent backlit keyboard great to type on touchpad I do not likeit for the reasons that we know over because it's a LAN it doesn't supportwindows position drivers well you might be able to get it to work apparently youcan hack those drivers and install them but I couldn't get it to work for meother than that running on the default setup with that touchpad it'sfrustrating to use it's leggy no I don't like it I use a mouse most people willbe gaming with the mouse anyway now gaming performance from the 1050 Ti it'squite good you can overclock it and squeeze out an extra 10% or so which isgood a little bit of a boost there and all the games I tested so all yourtriple-a titles they're all going to be perfectly fine and playable 1080p onthis you just have to set high or medium settings some of themore advanced than more demanding settings just to tone them down a littlebit on this particular GPU so the i5 7300 HQ I feel as a perfect match forthis GPU it does not CPU limiter at all and not not run it doesn't not run intoa CPU thermal throttling at all but if you intend to do 3d CAD and videoediting and stuff like that and you need more performance go for the the i7 7000HQ because that one has hyper-threading this does not see only got the quad coreon there and the other CPU is they act like really like an octa-core because ofthe hyper threading on each of those cause battery life is another area whichis really bad on this but that's to be expected gaming laptops and never havegood battery life so you've got powerful hardware and only a 41 watt battery inhere so burns through it in about 2 hours if you're not gaming and if you'regaming you're only going to get really around an hour so if you forget thepower supply then game over with this laptop if you intended to game on it sowhile this is one area where I've got a bit of an issue of my unit that I shouldbe able to get out of the Intel 3165 about 400 megabits per secondperformance throughput and I'm only getting around 200 maximum on downloadsand uploads so something is up with the antenna configuration on this all thedrivers now did update the drivers I tried some newer drivers and some olderdrivers from Intel and I still had no luck with that so bear in mind thatthat's not great and also what isn't great for professionals that want to dophoto editing you need really accurate good color on the screen you're gonna bedisappointed with this one because it's only got a gamut of 50% Adobe RGBcoverage so that is really really poor for professional use I wouldn't be usingit for the average Joe for gaming and looking at your photos in Internet it'sperfectly fine for that so don't worry about that there but overall for the 899US I paid for this particular model here I think it's a good deal you've got somereally nice performance as a gaming laptop it worksI recommend it over the MSI GL 62m by the way please check out my review ofthat one up there if you aren't interested in another Nvidia 1050 TIgaming for that top with 4 gigabytes of RAM thank you so much for watching thisreview here and I do hope to see you back inthe channel if you're new please think about subscribing and also while you'reat it want to give this video a like see you later.