eBags Professional Flight Laptop Backpack review

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– [Hallease] Hey, everyone,it's me, Hallease, back with another video.

So I've recently upgradedmy daily backpack to the eBags ProfessionalFlight Laptop Backpack.

(minimalist music) This is another productI took with me to London, and it's now my go-tobackpack for everything.

Right off the bat, they'veadded this handy top pocket for your headphones case or just an easy access sectionif you don't have headphones.

Similar to other eBags backpacks, they have the flat front pocket as well for any last minute items like passports.

And, of course, it hasthe eBags signature orange for the front organization section which I absolutely love.

Now, the thing for me that makes this backpack pretty awesome and reminiscent of atraditional camera bag is how large the main compartment opens.

There's a back pocket for flat items and three pockets among the main flap for more organizational storage,which is great for gear.

Finally, as with other designs, the back holds your laptopin a padded covering and has additional flatpocket storage space, maybe for an e-reader or tablet, with the hope of helpingyou get through TSA with a little bit more ease.

On either side of the bagare side pockets designed to hold your refillable water bottle and a one-person umbrella.

Straps along the side andtop of the bag make it easy to carry when completely packed.

As with many eBags, you can have the backpackstraps stowed away so it's easier to place the bag on top of your roller luggage.

But once you're ready to move, the straps are there and ready to go.

Something I really enjoyabout eBags backpacks and why I keep reviewing themis because of their durability combined with their multipurpose use.

I'm a video producer, so my day-to-day setup mostlyconsists of camera gear.

And I like using eBags becausethey're a great alternative to a traditional camera bag.

A standard camera bag caneasily run you over $200, and this bag right now is under 100 bucks.

If you're in video or photographyand are just starting out, this can be a greatcost-effective alternative for you to hold your gear while still maintaininga professional look.

Fake it till you make it, fam.

Regardless of what youultimately use this bag for, you're going to get a greatvalue for your dollar, which is all that really matters at the end of the day.

As I said before, this bag has not only becomemy daily work backpack but also my travel backpack as well.

Special thanks to eBags forletting me review this backpack.

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